Giving Your Child's Teacher a Gift for Teacher Appreciation Day

Teacher Appreciation Day occurs on Tuesday in the first week of May. During this time, kids all over the U.S. give gifts to their favorite teachers. Parents who want to help their child find the perfect gift for a teacher should consider giving a gift card to a local bookstore. Teachers love books and would be thrilled to receive a gift card to purchase books for the classroom or for personal use. Everyone knows that books don't come cheap. Stocking the shelves of a classroom library can be quite difficult, especially when someone is just starting out as a teacher.

Using a gift card, a teacher has financial assistance in finding books that their students will love to read. They can choose books on their students' grade level, build up their classroom library, and have fun in the process. They can even find books they can give away to students as prizes for good grades or behavior.

Another use for the bookstore gift card is to purchase items for pampering. Most teachers love to read during their leisure time even though they don't have a great deal of time to relax. Many teachers work long hours grading papers, organizing the classroom, conducting parent-teacher conferences, and attending staff meetings. Despite this fact, those same teachers enjoy curling up with a good book. Whether buying the latest bestseller or snagging a non-fiction book about classroom management, your child's teacher will love the books they can buy because of you and your child.

If your child's teacher isn't in the mood for buying books, there are other items they can purchase with a gift card. Many bookstores have a plethora of merchandise besides reading material. DVDs, CDs, bookmarks, coffee mugs, and other items can all be found at a bookstore and purchased with a gift card.

So this year when it's time to show that special teacher how much you appreciate them, consider giving a bookstore gift card. Whether they're crazy about books, music, movies, or coffee, you will have given them the perfect gift.